And Still…Champion of World, Anthony”AJ” Joshua

6’6, 18st, Olympic Champion, undefeated as a professional with 17 fights, 17 victories and 100% knockout ratio. Anthony Joshua is a beast! A fearsome individual and ruthless competitor who happens to have the tools to deliver on what he believes.

Here are the 5 reasons why I think AJ is the real deal:


Speed Kills. A rare commodity amongst heavyweights so whenever somebody comes along and possesses it in abundance, you need to sit up and take notice. Below is AJ’s last full fight against Dominic Breazeale…you be the judge!


17 fights, 17 Victories, 17 KO’s

“He is like a big Mike Tyson because if he catches you, he is straight on top of you. I took a shot and bang, he was there and battering me to the ground. He broke my eye socket and for three months I had nerve damage in my face, total numbness down one side. That was a daily reminder of what it was like fighting this guy. A great talent.” – Matt Legg (previously beaten opponent of Anthony Joshua)


“I want to be the kingpin of the division. Trust me, I’m going to get better and I’m going to mess them all up. Now I want to start adding the big names to my record, so I can silence these boys. Beat all these guys, they can’t say anything no more and then I’ll move on” – Anthony Joshua


“I want to go until I’m 35 — I want to maintain this for a decade, I think unifying the titles is possible by the end of 2017. I’m not getting carried away, but I’m slowly building towards it.”Anthony Joshua

Work Ethic

During the boring dominant years of the Kilitschko brother’s, all other heavyweights seemed to give up. Countless opponents would turn up on fight night, overweight, out of shape, and looking like sumo wrestlers instead of prize fighters. Guys who were visibly not putting the work in and were merely happy to cash the paycheque. AJ is not one of those guys and has the results to prove it…

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.10.27

So What’s next?

The danger would be to overlook immediate opponents and dream of the big names, fights and paydays that could happen in the future. For a second let’s escape immediate reality and look to harder tests in the future. Below is the Boxrec ranking of the worlds best heavyweights; despite AJ being ranked at number 5, I genuinely do not see anybody on that list who I would purposely keep him away from.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 13.47.41

Joseph Parker is the mandatory challenger for the IBF belt, is ranked at No.8 and should be a tough test next time out. If you doubt that, here’s some evidence…

A big, strong, tough heavyweight with one punch knockout power…remind you of anyone? This fight should be competitive, but one AJ should win, my initial prediction is AJ by late stoppage. (I reserve the right to update this  prediction if necessary as we get closer to the fight.)

IF he gets past Parker, he’ll be in the upper echelons of the layer cake that is professional sports, and the fighters I’d love him to face are these guys…

  • Deontay Wilder
  • Tyson Fury
  • David Haye

In that order, because even though David Haye isn’t ranked in the top 10 of heavyweights (he isn’t even in the top 20) I think that he is the biggest, clearest and most present danger to AJ’s title. All of the other top heavyweights in the world are built in a similar way. Tall, strong, big, slow power punchers. David Haye is built from a different mould-a blown up cruiserweight, who’s MO revolves around speed. Everytime he steps into a ring he gives up height, reach and weight advantages to conventional heavyweights so he’s perfected a style that builds on his strengths. A two weight winner who was World Champion before AJ even begun to box.

David Haye also believes it too…David Haye says Anthony Joshua will not be able to cope with him.

As yet, we haven’t seen a strong and quick heavyweight with fast hands test AJ. We haven’t even seen him fight on the back foot. He hasn’t had to because nobody has been good enough to make him do it…David Haye can and will.

A year from now…because that’s how long I think it will take…this showdown will be huge and I for one cannot wait.

Either way we should enjoy the ride, Anthony Joshua is a genuine talent who is bringing credibility back to the heavyweight division. That’s something we should all get behind!

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