The Top 10 P4P Fighters in the World Today

Benchmarking is something we all do and we do it with everything, who earns more money, who’s wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend is hotter, who has more “friends” on facebook, etc. etc. The act of benchmarking isn’t unique, but HOW you benchmark most likely is. How you rank things speaks to what’s important to you and what your values are, Which is why this P4P list is different from other lists:

  1. Only fighters who are the number 1 in their division are eligible.
  2. We value resume and body of work over marketability.
  3. Fighters who seek the biggest and best challenges will always be viewed in a better light than those who who don’t.

That being said, see below for our top 10 P4P fighters of today.



Mikey Garcia

 The No.1 Lightweight fighter in the world. Seeks the biggest and best fighters and consistently gets his hand raised. Which is why he’s a 3 weight champion. A tough tough man who always comes to fight.



Carl Frampton

The No.1 Featherweight in the world. Yes at the time of writing he has just lost to Leo Santa Cruz but he will bounce back and win the trilogy fight. A top boxer who will leave no doubt very soon.



Canelo Alvarez

The No.1 Junior Middleweight in the world. This is the most controversial pick on the list based on our own criteria. Undoubtedly the top fighter at 154lbs but we believe he shouldn’t be fighting at that level. If GGG didn’t exist then he would be at 160lbs, and is fighting Julio Cesar Chaves Jr at 165lbs. As I write this I have half a mind to take him off the list…



Gennady “GGG” Golovkin

The No.1 middleweight in the world. His knockout streak says he should be higher on the list but his resume says otherwise…mainly because no other elite fighters will step up to the challenge hhhmmm…Canelo. Fighting Daniel Jacobs in April and will no doubt clean out the division from that point onwards.



Kell Brook

The No.1 welterweight in the world. On this list purely because of the eye test and for his performance against GGG. NO other welterweight in the world could’ve stepped into the ring with GGG and performed like he did. If he can still make the 147lbs limit then he will clean out the division (if the other guys will fight him) Errol Spence beware…Kell Brook is the real deal.



Guillermo Rigondeaux

Possibly the most avoided man in boxing and the number 1 Super Bantamweight in the world. Too fast, too powerful, and too accurate. Struggles to get decent opponents because his ability means that his fights are sometimes one sided and boring. Yeah he is THAT GOOD.



Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez

No.1 flyweight in the world. The consensus No.1 P4P fighter in the world but only no.4 on our list. Dominant and holds titles at 2 weights yet still seeking the biggest and best challenges. A true champion.



Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko

The absolute best at 130lbs. For pure talent he probably is the best fighter in the world, but his resume doesn’t match his talent…yet. Has a warrior mentality and will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Every other Super featherweight should be very afraid…



Terence “Bud” Crawford

The King of 14olbs. A classy southpaw with a mean streak to match the skills. Champion at 2 weights (and counting) and a rising star in 2017. If he carries on at this rate he will be No.1 before too long.



Andre “SOG” Ward

The best fighter in the world. Period. Hasn’t lost to ANYBODY since he was a pre-teen. Proved himself to be the king in two weight divisions and his resume is a who’s who of the top fighters in our generation.  Still humble, still hungry despite all of the success. A Classy individual and true champion.

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English Reincarnate-Chris Eubank Jr

Trust fund kids are the worst. Can we agree on that? NO? Well read on anyway…we have plenty to disagree about!

Trust fund kids are the worst, they are! No work ethic, a sense of entitlement, and a strong belief that the world owes them something. “I was born into privilege, therefore everything must be handed to me on a silver platter. I am never wrong, and anything that doesn’t go my way is someone else’s fault”

Poorly raised trust fund kids grow up to be Donald Trump…you can make your own conclusions on whether that’s good or bad. Trust fund kids usually go into business, politics, the media etc they don’t usually choose to become professional boxers.

A boxing ring is probably the most unforgiving space on the planet. An area of land that will take every mental shortcoming, every insecurity, and doubt a man has, and will expose it for all the world to see. If you’ve been wrapped in cotton wool your whole life, born with a silver spoon shoved up your arse, and raised to believe you will inherit the earth purely because of the family you were born into, a boxing ring is a very dangerous and potentially life threatening place for you.

Not many people choose a fighters life if they don’t have to. Not many people put their bodies through 6.5 hours a day of physically gruelling training, if they don’t have to. Not many people gleefully jump over the ropes of the ring and revel in the limelight. Chris Eubank Jr isn’t many people. A rare pedigree, and a rare talent that could be on the verge of having a very special career.


If you’re not familiar with Chris Eubank Jr then here are his credentials…

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 19.50.28

You’re probably thinking “Haven’t I seen this somewhere before?” and you’d be correct, Jr is the eldest child of Eubank Sr who happened to be one of the greatest Middleweight and Super Middleweight fighters the UK has ever produced. Well then he would’ve made quite a bit of money from his career so that his son wouldn’t have to follow the same path as him right? Correct, but like I said Jr made a choice many in his position wouldn’t.

The thing is, Jr didn’t have the normal upbringing you would expect from a typical trust fund kid. This expose article reveals all in painstaking detail–>Chris Eubank Jr – Childhood Upbringing. What is evident is that Chris Eubank Jr went to the school of hard knocks, sent away and forced to fight (literally) to survive and essentially become a man. When you understand that, now his career choice doesn’t seem so crazy, and was actually pretty inevitable.

Physically he won the genetic powerball but mentally does he have what it takes? Well…


He may not have been born a street kid, but he has been raised to think and feel like one.

How good is he and how good does he want to be?

In a day and age where fighters actively swerve the biggest and best fighters in order to earn more money for less risk, its refreshing to hear a top class fighter ACTIVELY seeking the biggest and best sporting challenges available to him. In my opinion this kid is dynamite and today I’d rank him at No.3 in the middleweight division,

  1. Gennady Golovkin
  2. Daniel Jacobs
  3. Chris Eubank Jr

(If Canelo Alvarez still held the WBC belt then Eubank would be No.4)

If I was his promoter I’d be actively pursuing Golovkin but not in such a direct way, simply because I don’t think Jr is ready. His next 2/3 fights should be against the tier of Middleweights just below Golovkin, ironically some guys that Golovkin has already beaten. David Lemieux, Dominic Wade, Billy Joe Saunders etc. This strategy would achieve 2 things, firstly it would give Eubank Jr some time to develop and acclimatise to being at world level, for all his talent and potential, this is something he definitely needs. Secondly it would build up the potential fight with Golovkin into a bigger event. Especially if all the interim fights happened in the United States.  If it was me his fight schedule should be

  1. Billy Joe Saunders
  2. David Lemieux
  3. Daniel Jacobs

GGG and Canelo Alvarez have supposedly agreed a fight for the autumn of 2017. This timeline is perfect. If all went to plan Jr should put himself in position to have the Daniel Jacobs fight on the undercard/co-main event of the Canelo vs Golovkin fight. This would set up an all or nothing fight between the winners; for the right to be knows as the No.1 fighter in the middleweight division.

The competitor inside of Eubank Jr fundamentally disagrees with me about waiting…

eubank jr

Greatness waits for no man and Eubank Jr is hell bent on chasing it right now. If you haven’t been paying attention to Chris Eubank Jr then I strongly suggest you start, because what’s about to happen next will definitely be worth watching.

Maybe not ALL trust fund kids aren’t the worst…but I think you can agree with me that Chris Eubank Jr is not your average trust fund kid.